The Swiss Spine Institute is a private non-profit foundation for international spine medicine based on a decentralized network of spine specialists and centres of competence around the world.

It is the philosophy of this multidisciplinary organization that each of these five topics is fundamental to its overall mission:

  • Documentation
  • Education
  • Research
  • Development
  • Information

We believe that these five topics will contribute to the national and international improvement and maintenance of the quality in spine care. In addition, the Swiss Spine Institute is co-operating with other societies and institutes around the world to inform the public about spine health issues.



The Swiss Spine Institute was established in 1999 by a group of 14 specialists in the field of spinal medicine under the guidance of the founding president Christian R. Etter, MD.  

Since 1999 the Swiss Spine Institute:

  • organised 14 major symposias with a high level faculty at each symposium.
  • performed 29 live interactive surgeries via satellite between Aarau / Switzerland (Hirslanden Clinic Aarau) and New York, respectively Dallas / USA. The comprehensive CD-ROM of the symposias and a DVD including all live surgeries can be ordered (contact SSI).
  • supported 3 clinical studies dealing with nucleus replacements (NUCORE), an osteoporotic stabilizing system (STAXX) and conducted the comparative prospective study comparing the ProDisc vs. Charité prosthesis. 

Swiss Spine Institute

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Consulting Marketing Manager
Hippocraft Consulting GmbH
1110 Morges

 Daniel Bitterli
Financial Controlling
Facts & Figures, Basel
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Web Management
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Board of Directors and Scientific Board


Christian R. Etter, MD

Clinic Hirslanden, Aarau, CH

Thomas Hofstetter, MD

Clinic Hirslanden, Aarau, CH

Burkart Fabian, LL. M.

Nigon Kull Burkart Partner, Basel, CH

Margareta Nordin, MD, Prof.
Past President

Research Professor, Orthopaedic Surgery
NYUniversity, School of Medicine, New York, USA